What gets rewarded gets done….Important words for every business’s most challenging task, next to attracting and keeping customers, the task of keeping and motivating key employees, partners and suppliers. These incentive or motivational programs take many forms some local, some global.

Every business owner or group manager recognizes that providing useful and meaningful rewards can and does increase productivity, reduce conflicts and turnover and of course promote loyalty.

Incentive programs abound in nearly every business publication, the variety is endless.
What do you think keeps the team moving forward together?
Gift certificates? Trinkets? Gadgets? Food? Money?
How about travel?
How about World Class Cruising on a modern luxury ship equipped with all the facilities and amenities of any world class hotel or resort? And includes all meal services and entertainment.

Nearly 90% of employees and customers have never cruised but nearly everyone would love to, it is an unfulfilled desire. How about that for an incentive to get people moving toward your business goals? On top of that cruise lines deliver 98% customer satisfaction, 24 hour a day room service, on board entertainment, sensational food and beverage service.

Cruise packages can be customized to exactly your needs and wants, and are competitively priced when compared to conventional meetings at hotels and resorts. A cruise aboard today’s luxury liners is unlike any hotel venue you will ever encounter. Coupled with the recent trend for Cruise lines to “homeport” especially in the US the opportunity to travel shorter times and distances to experience a cruise are shortened. Homeports exist all around the US in nearly many port cities.

Attendees are captive so phone and email interruptions to the business process can be minimized. All meals, catering, meeting space, facilities can be easily configured to suit your needs. Families can easily be included so during free times the attendee can enjoy their friends and family in a safe and all inclusive environment.

Any group can utilize this medium for team building, recognition, motivation, training or any of the myriad of business needs. Any size business and any type can use Cruising as a tool to better productivity.

  • Retail
  • Franchise
  • Fund Raising
  • Distribution organization
  • Manufacturer
  • Real estate
  • Insurance
  • Network marketing organizations

If you have a group incentive travel really produces positive results!

Don’t want to send a group but have key individuals that have earned extra recognition and reward?

Many cruise lines offer certificates for travel any where and any time. These can be given directly to an individual and they can decide how and when to use their reward. No need to force them into a particular time slot that does not support their overall needs.

These same ‘certificates’ can also be used to provide customer rewards. Offer a cruise for each new model car purchased, in lieu of discounts on high ticket appliances, furnaces, air conditioner units. Traffic builders in retail locations, motivation for non sales goals like safety, attendance, and productivity.

The award certificates are fully upgradeable, for example if a four day cruise is awarded the recipient can upgrade to a longer cruise or a more luxuriant stateroom and to any destination.

The benefit to the recipient, a fantasy fulfilled a life long memory. Do you think the average gift certificate carries the same impact?

What about tax consequences? Historically meetings on ships were not fully tax deductible since almost all cruise lines sail under a foreign flag. Recently however one major cruise line has converted two ships to American Flagged and is able to offer fully deductible business meetings. The venue is Hawaii and only unpacking once to visit multiple islands can be an unforgettable experience .why not treat your employees to such an event?

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We can help your group cruise anywhere in the world with many levels of luxury and service. If you prefer a land destination we can work with a variety of suppliers to accommodate your requirement as well. And of course a combination of cruise and land is another popular option.

Are you a non profit interested in fund raising? Let us take your need and blend it with our creativity and suppliers to help run a successful fund raising program that really benefits the non profit and your benefactors. Millions of dollars are raised yearly for a multitude of worthy causes by utilizing Cruise incentives to draw in donations, let us help you.
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